Main Deck 2017

Sometime around 2000, the old Main Deck building was converted into a church! It is now "Iglesia Ni Cristo". Thanks to Mike McGuire for making the initial discovery (rows 1&2). The key to making a positive ID was finding the correct tower pylon location in both 1975 and 2016/17 photos. Thanks also to Richard Evans for providing additional Google Earth and close-up photos of the new church (rows 2,3&4).

A 2016 Google Earth photo showing Main Deck and vicinity - red circle marks troposcatter tower concrete pylon
A Google 2016/17 street view of church, showing troposcatter pylon
Circa 1975 aerial photo of Main Deck and tower pylon
The front view of new church
A Google Earth photo showing new church parking lot - note "Navy" painted on parking spaces
A Circa 1975 aerial photo showing Main Deck and complex - again showing tower pylon adjacent to MD building
A detailed Google Earth view of 2016 Main Deck area
A detailed Google Earth view of 2016 Main Deck area
The front view of Iglesia Ni Cristo, with cement pylon showing at extreme right of photo
The front entrace of the church
The church parking lot with "Navy" painted on the parking spaces. "Navy" also shows in Google Earth photo, above
Artist's rendering of Iglesia Ni Cristo
The interior view of Iglesia Ni Cristo