Jim Harbeck Photos 1970-1972

RM3 Dave Frost(Spokane, Washington)on top of tank behind MP Building, 1971
RMSN John Avery(Port Arthur, Texas), 1971
Swannie Swanson and Tommy Blewett at Bullhorn ,1971
Harry Abasial in Multipurpose Room, 1971
Bullhorn, Personnel names forgotten(Help Appreciated), 1971
Filipino Family outside perimeter fence, 1971
Mustering Night Duty Civilian Guards begind MAA Office, 1970
John Avery(T shirt), Serio(HouseHelper) with broom, at pool/pavillion, 1971
RM3 Pat Caporale, 1971
Dave Cherrington(Denver, Colorado), Bullhorn, 1971
Person's name forgotten(Help Appreciated), 1971
Bullhorn with access road on left, 1972
"Summer House" in Angeles, 1970:ETN2 Hugo Landor, CYN3 Jim Harbeck(Everett, WA), BMSN Charlie Schaeffer(prone), RM2 Roger Pollak, CYN3 Ray Ingle(Dalton, GA)
Baguio, 1972: Jim Harbeck, Dave Cherrington, John Avery
Serio, our HouseHelper and good friend, 1971
Step Van Driver Yusi, 1971(RIP, a Huk casualty)
Chow Hall, 1971: The back of RM1 Dave Ceven's head, Facing generally towards camera are Ed Graves, Pete Kulczyk, and Jim Lawson
Chow Hall Lunch, 1971: Charlie Preller, Jim Harbeck, Hugo Landor, Mike Miskanick
Chow Hall Breakfast, 1971: Tommy Blewett, Jim Harbeck, Jerry Jernigan, BM3 Karl King
Chow Hall, 1971: Generally visible: ETN2 Vic Witham, Lt. Jones(our OIC), RM2 Butch Bonning, Swannie Swanson, and Jim Harbeck
Chow Hall, 1971: Dave Frost and unremembered person(Help Appreciated)
Chow Hall, 1971: Swannie Swanson at milk machine
Galley, 1971: ETSN Gordy Coltharp(Logan, Utah)
Barracks, 1971: Jim Harbeck reading about the Washington Huskies
Chow Hall, 1971: ETN3 Ed Graves(Kenosha, Wisconsin) and Jim Harbeck(Everett, Washinton)
1971: Eddie Graves and Jim Harbeck
Chow Hall, 1971: Generally visible: Swannie Swanson, Gary Hojell, Daniel Ragsdale, Charlie Schaeffer, John Avery, Jeff Woodson, Ed Graves, Jim Harbeck
1971: Assorted antennas/towers Mianside and Bullhorn
1970: ETN3 Gary Hojell(Bronx, NY)
Chow Hall, 1970: Identifiable personnel: MM2 Asay, ETN3 Hojell, The back of ETN2 Vic Witham's head(Assistance appreciated with ID'ing remaining)

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