M Hervey's Photos
USNRS Tarlac (Capas) and Luzon 1968-69

EM Barracks, Jan. '68
before the multipurpose building was opened.
Mainside, looking toward highway
Traffic on the road to USNRS Tarlac (Capas)
A residence on the outskirts of Capas before USNRS Tarlac
Bataan Death March Memorial on MacArthur Highway
Corregidor: Cannons, short range version.
One of the big guns (long range) at Corregidor
AA at Corregidor
Super banca boat, seen from the rec boat

Approaching Corregidor
Vacation Cottage at Camp John Hay
A view of Camp John Hay
Baguio area
Lush foliage as the rough road rises to Baguio
Pine trees were a welcome sight at John Hay
Fort Santiago, Manila
U.S. Embassy, Manila
Rec boat leaving for Corregidor, at Sangley Pt.?
Banca boat at Corregido
My cat (Joe) on sentry duty - Mountain View subdivision, Angeles City.
Monsoon, Clark AFB
First combat training exercise at USNRS Tarlac (Capas), circa Apr, 1968. L-R: RM1 Bates, Hervey, Marine sgt. name unk., ET3 name unk.
Pugil stick training, intended to simulate bayonet combat w/o KIA
Broken pugil stick - end of stick training for the day!

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